Electric borehole pumps 4’’ atex certified

for potentially explosive atmospheres, landfills and contaminated sites also by hydrocarbons

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy)

Officine di Trevi Since 1968

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy), supplies ATEX certified for hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2 electric submersible pumps of 4” diameter suitable for several applications, mainly in landfills, remediation processes, Oil&Gas rigs, hydraulic barrier in refineries and general contaminated sites.

OFT Ex-proof pumps

OFT Ex-proof pumps are projected following strict security requirements to guarantee safe operations in explosive atmospheres and to protect environmental safety. These situations of hazardous areas can be verified mainly in industrial processes, where they can be produced chemical reactions or where the liquids to be pumped are inflammable (hydrocarbons) and they can generate explosions even at ambient temperature. Landfills, even if not industrial productive, cannot be excluded as in those plants are produced and eliminated dangerous waste producing leachate that, consequently, can become biogas.

Officine di Trevi produces also different kind of pumps, from 3” to sump pumps, also ATEX certified with a high level of safety in order to avoid hazardous situations

Following just an example of application in a remediation process via hydraulic barrier:

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